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Hello & Welcome

I’m Megan and I love to challenge old belief systems and habits to help people achieve their life goals. Here is (the short) version of how I got here and why I do this work.

I went to college and came out with two main things: 1.) a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and 2.) an ungodly amount of debt. I needed a JOB. I worked all the jobs in high school and college (food service, office admin, cashier, house sitter, etc.) so I had some “experience”. I went to a temp agency, and they immediately placed me as a recruiting assistant. Being an overachiever, (and in a world of financial debt) I worked HARD. I was hired permanently and thus began my 15 years long recruiting career.

I recruited at small and large organizations working with some amazing talent at all levels and across several industries. After work hours I worked on my art. While there were parts of recruiting that I loved, for much of my corporate recruiting career I was unhappy. I told myself that my recruiting career was temporary and that once my debt was paid down, I would be able to pursue my art full time. At each job I complained about something outside of myself. My boss was unfair, the people were terrible, the work was below me, the hours were too much, the pay sucked….I cringe when I think back to how much time I wasted complaining. All I could see at the time was that I wasn’t where I wanted to be and that made me miserable. With that frame of mind I believed that the job was unfulfilling and that I needed a different job to be happy. This cycle continued and I’d get a job and be excited for the first year, then inevitably something the excitement waned, and I’d start complaining incessantly to anyone who would listen. I created those toxic environments for myself, and the cycle seemed endless.

At some point I realized that nothing was going to change if I didn’t change. Eventually, after a ton of self-work and therapy, I realized that I created the good and bad parts of my reality. I was deciding to work at these places, and I was making myself unhappy. I also realized that I had the power to change. Change my thoughts, my habits, behaviors and my job. Learning that I had a choice to think different thoughts changed my life. I decided to start questioning everything and radically change my thoughts.

This mental shift changed the way I talked to candidates as well. A recruiter’s job is to figure out if the candidate they are interviewing is qualified for the role and a fit for the team/ hiring manager. If they are, then the recruiter must sell them on the opportunity. I started really listening to candidates in a way I hadn’t before. I started asking about their goals and why they were interested in this company. Many times I actually talked candidates out of the job because I knew it was not in alignment with their long term plan or I knew some insider info about the job that would not be beneficial to them. In many ways I became a bad recruiter. I started “coaching” clients on how to figure out what they really wanted, to get out of the cycle of job changing, to really dig deep into why they were looking and to be more conscious of their choices. I was morphing away from being a recruiter. I started actively coaching clients on the side.

Over many months of doing both, I eventually broke away from recruiting and now focus only on career, job search and mindset coaching. I help with all the tactical job search elements of resume writing, applying, interviewing, and negotiating. I also coach clients on goal setting, thought awareness and removing limiting beliefs. The real reason I do this work is to help people realize they have the power to change, if they want to.

Back then I thought I wanted a job that allowed me time to create art. But really what I wanted was a full life where I can create art AND help people along the way. And that is exactly what I do today.

Taking responsibility for my job (and life) choices was one of the most liberating things I have ever done.

I believe that our jobs are one aspect of our lives, and we are responsible for creating a whole life. Earl Nightingale said originally, and I say all the time, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”.

I am still learning and growing in my own journey, and I want to help people realize that they too can build a new reality. That they CAN get a new job or career that fits the life they want to live. It might take time, yes.

It will be hard work, but I can tell you, it’s worth it.

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