I provide tools and training to help job seekers find a job that fits their life.
I build job search strategies, refresh resumes, create cover letters, research target markets and build job opportunity pipelines.
I advise clients on how to search for jobs, track their progress, network with the right people, prepare for interviews and negotiate offers.

Client Testimonials:


I highly recommend Megan as a coach to anyone seeking effective assistance with any and all aspects of the job search process. Megan provided knowledgeable advice, encouraging guidance, responsive support, and useful resources. She promptly completed an impressive resume review and revision and I could not be more satisfied with the final product. Megan also created a professionally well-written cover letter template for me. Her careful design of the letter allows me to easily and efficiently tailor it toward any position or company. Working with Megan has alleviated much stress and frustration from my job search. She goes above and beyond for her clients. 

Andrew D., Business Development Pro

Working with Megan has provided me with invaluable career insight in the areas of resume-building, interview preparation/techniques and identifying achievable career goals and setting myself up to accomplish those goals. She is one of the easiest, most enjoyable people to talk to due to her great sense of humor but will also impress you with the depth of her knowledge in several industries. You could not be in better hands in trusting someone to lead you through the difficult process of choosing a career and identifying the steps needed to make that career your future. 


Allan B., Management Consultant

I have utilized Megan's resume and career coaching expertise several times in my career. Megan has been able to help me revamp the style and verbiage used on my resume, which led to gaining interviews in my desired industry.  Her career coaching is invaluable! Just having a 20 minute conversation with her allowed me to track what exactly I was looking for out of a career both professional and personally to make sure if I did make a move it was for all the right reasons.  I would highly recommend Megan to anyone looking to change their career, their resume and just get motivated to make big decisions for their future! 


Jackie P., Marketing Pro and MBA Grad

Megan taught me to set goals and evaluate them on a regular basis – not yearly or even semi-annually - but monthly. This helped me realize when I was straying from my goal, helped me refocus, and sometimes helped me create new goals.” 


Nancy S., Pharmaceutical Compliance Professional

Megan is a professional with clear concepts, excellent people management skills and strong leadership skills. She has a natural leadership style that motivates and inspires her teammates. She brings passion and focus to all of her projects. Working with her was a great experience for me. I am anxious to see what amazing things she will do in the future.  


Stacy W., Business Development Consultant




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