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Megan Crawford

 Career Coach

Megan is a Career Coach who understands how and why people get hired. She is focused on helping job seekers navigate an overwhelming job search world. Megan helps clients design a job search strategy that fits their unique background and personality. She is a straightforward career coach who helps clients reach their career goals.


Prior to becoming a Coach, Megan spent 15+ years leading recruiting efforts at large and small organizations. As an Adjunct Professor at Drexel University, Megan also taught graduating seniors how to transition from school to work. 




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  • What is career and job search coaching?
    A career coach is an advocate for you and your career. I give clients support, structure and accountability, focus and the confidence they need to achieve their goals. The type of coaching I provide is for individuals interested in finding greater satisfaction in their careers and personal lives. I help clients: establish professional and personal goals, create a plan to achieve those goals, identify any obstacles in the way and hold clients accountable to those goals.
  • What types of career issues do you help with?
    I have coached hundreds of clients in all phases of their career from new grads to executives. I have helped clients find better paying jobs or more purpose driven work depending on their goal and life situations. I have also helped clients completely change their career.
  • What topics do you cover in coaching?
    I cover all phases of job search and career strategy including: Career exploration Interviewing skills & confidence building Creative job search strategies Resume and cover letter writing Market research and prospective employer evaluation Salary negotiations
  • Who is a good fit for your services?
    Anyone who is ready to make a change or level up their career. If you are willing to do the work, then we are a fit. If one of these sounds like you, it might be time to talk: You have plateaued in your career and want to level up. You are ready to find a new job but don’t know where to start. You feel overwhelmed by the idea of searching in today’s market. You fell into your current career and are not happy. You want to shift toward something you are more interested in. You’ve applied to a ton of jobs, but have gotten zero traction. You don’t know what you want to do, but what you are doing isn’t working.
  • How does career coaching work?
    My coaching practice is highly customized. Typically a client will start with one service and then go from there. Some clients need minimal support in the form of a few calls and guidance. Others prefer a more structured plan. I approach each client individually and create strategies that fit your budget, style and schedule.
  • What is your background and coaching style?
    I have a background in corporate recruiting that informs my coaching work. I come to career coaching with very practical knowledge of how to navigate the world of work. I am an active listener and I LOVE to hear how clients got to where they are. I am empathetic to the challenges of life and work and the many obstacles that can stand in our way. That being said, I am very direct and call clients out on any BS. I believe that people are way more capable than they might think and my goal is for clients to see themselves as I see them: unstoppable. My advice is not generic. I offer guidance and direction based on your specific situation and always in relation to today’s market. My goal is for clients to make well informed, conscious job choices that support a long term career strategy.
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